July 24, 2024

Our Vision & Mission


SEEM Nepal’s organization is dedicated to developing methods that improve community welfare and provide long-lasting frameworks for the sustainable management of natural resources.

Our goals include:

  1. Educating people about the need to conserve species and encouraging environmental responsibility in both individuals and communities.
  2. Leading the way toward a future in which healthy communities and balanced ecosystems coexist peacefully.


SEEM Nepal can quantify the pattern of different land use changes in upstream communities and estimate the biophysical environmental impacts on downstream communities.
  • Assess and quantify the patterns of land use changes in upstream communities while estimating the biophysical environmental impacts on downstream communities.
  • Mitigate environmental contamination and promote ecosystem management through heightened awareness and understanding of natural resources, sustainable agriculture, and the advocacy of organic farming practices.
  • Enhance the living standards of rural communities through sustainable economic development initiatives.
  • Uphold and enrich culture, tradition, and indigenous knowledge within communities.
  • Preserve biodiversity, safeguarding native and endangered species.
  • Combat global warming by implementing development strategies that prioritize biodiversity conservation.
  • Preserve both renewable and non-renewable natural resources through sustainable development projects.
  • Enhance soil and water quality, prevent land degradation, and mitigate soil erosion for the overall improvement of environmental health.