July 24, 2024



SEEM Nepal actively engages in fieldwork to bring about positive change. As an organization, we are committed to conducting research and obtaining valuable insights that will benefit future generations.

Our work extends to every corner of the nation, including diverse communities and even remote Himalayan regions in Nepal. In particular, SEEM Nepal places a strong emphasis on projects that empower and uplift the youth. The Greenery Nepal campaign, we have been reaching more than 800 schools colleges and 400 communities till date.

We believe in investing in the potential of young individuals, recognizing them as catalysts for sustainable development and progress. Through our initiatives, we aim to create opportunities and provide the necessary support for youth to thrive and contribute meaningfully to their communities and society as a whole.

Through our commitment to active involvement, collaborative partnerships, and the integration of multiple models, SEEM Nepal strives to create a positive impact that extends beyond project completion. By empowering individuals, fostering public participation, and embracing the diverse perspectives within the community, we aim to promote sustainable outcomes that address the real needs of the people we serve.