July 24, 2024

Our Expertise

Mr. Kamal Devkota

Mr. Kamal Devkota is an esteemed Zoologist currently working at SEEM Nepal. He serves as the program co-ordinator for the Melancholy Campaign and program manager for the Zero Polythene Tilottama initiative organized by SEEM Nepal. He is also project manager at Save the Snakes. His expertise lies in snake conservation, ecological environment training, and mitigation of snake bites. He is also involved in the Nepali film, theater, documentaries and advertisement industry as an actor and filmmaker.

He received Master Degree in Zoology from Tribhuvan University of Nepal, contributed research articles and publication in national and international journal.

Mrs. Sushila Shrestha

Mrs. Sushila Shrestha is an accomplished Environmental Lawyer at SEEM Nepal. She has dedicated her work to promoting organic farming practices and has successfully motivated and trained numerous rural women, communities, and students across various regions in Nepal. She worked as a field officer at Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Center, she has made a significant impact on communities in Karnali and the Far-western province.

Mrs. Sushila holds M.Sc. degree in Environmental Science from the College of Applied Sciences, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and has also pursued Law studies at Nepal Law Campus, Kathmandu, obtaining an L.L.B degree.

Er. Mukunda Adhikari

Er. Mukunda Adhikari, a Plastic Technology Expert at SEEM Nepal, assumes a vital role as a Process Engineer, driving the organization’s initiatives forward. He is responsible for overseeing and managing plastic products, and conducting quality inspections. Previously, he served as a task manager for these operations in Nastola, Finland. Currently, He is engaged in successor management and overall operations at the Sojourn Himalaya Resort in Dhulikhel, and establishing a healthcare facility and managing it at Jagriti SS in Bhaktapur.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, which he obtained from Abo Akademi University in Finland.

Mr. Nagendra Sharma

Mr. Nagendra Sharma is a dedicated Renewable Energy Expert at SEEM Nepal. With a specialization in biogas and solar energy, he serves as an instructor, sharing his expertise with public. His work in renewable energy actively contributes to municipal waste management initiatives at SEEM Nepal, specifically in the Zero Polythene Campaign.

His involvement in this campaign showcases his commitment to environmental conservation and promoting eco-friendly practices within communities. He received Master Degree in Rural Development, Tribhuvan University Kirtipur (2006).

Mrs. Jayakala Basnet

Mrs. Jayakala Basnet is an accomplished Agriculturist at SEEM Nepal, specializing in sustainable agriculture practices. Within the organization, she serves as an instructor, trainer and educator for sustainable agriculture programs, emphasizing organic farming techniques.

Her expertise also extends to Rooftop farming (Kausi Kheti), enabling individuals to grow food in urban areas. Additionally, she is well-versed in Municipal Solid Waste Management, offering valuable guidance and delivering waste segregation training to promote effective waste management practices.

Mr. Purushottom Chaguthee

Mr. Purushottom Chaguthee is a highly experienced Agriculture Expert farming, and agroforestry for SEEM Nepal. With over 30 years of training and research in Nepal, he possesses extensive knowledge in crops, animals, and insects.

His expertise in farming techniques, crop management, and animal health makes him an invaluable resource, providing essential guidance and support to farmers, organizations, and communities in implementing sustainable agricultural practices and effective animal management strategies.

Mrs. Kalpana Timilsina

Mrs. Kalpana Timilsina is a highly skilled Agriculturist at SEEM Nepal, with a specialization in sustainable agriculture practices. She possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in Mushroom Farming. Within the organization, she fulfills multiple roles as an instructor, trainer, and educator, actively contributing to sustainable agriculture programs.

Mrs. Timilsina is well-versed in the field of Rooftop Farming (Kausi Kheti), enabling urban dwellers in Nepal to cultivate their own food. Her expertise in this area empowers individuals to engage in urban agriculture.

Mr. Dayanidhi Naral

Mr. Dayanidhi Naral is a committed Socialist and Program Manager at SEEM Nepal. He leads the organization’s impactful initiative called “Zero Polythene Vyas” which focuses on reducing the use of polythene and promoting environmental sustainability. He possesses extensive knowledge and practical experience in Agroforestry systems and sustainable agriculture farming.

Mr. Naral actively engaged in various rural livelihood and community development projects in remote areas of Nepal. He also served as a field officer in the Karnali region of Nepal under the USAID program.

Mr. Mukti Dhungana

Mr. Mukti Dhungana is a seasoned Instructor and dedicated Socialist associated with SEEM Nepal, bringing over 30 years of experience working with rural communities in Nepal. His extensive expertise has been instrumental in conducting numerous community programs focused on sustainable farming, environmental conservation, and sanitation initiatives across various districts especially Magdy, Parbat, Baglung and Mustang of Nepal. Through his work, Mr. Dhungana has made significant contributions to uplift and empower these communities in multiple areas of development.

Mrs. Tulasa Adhikari

Mrs. Tulasa Adhikari is a dedicated health expert at SEEM Nepal, actively involved in various initiatives. Her notable contributions include leading numerous health camps during the devastating earthquake of 2015, providing critical medical assistance to those affected. She also extends her support to the Chepang children and community in the Dhading district of Nepal, working towards improving their health and well-being. Her efforts play a vital role in empowering women and promoting gender equality. She also demonstrates her leadership abilities by spearheading blood donation programs and other first aid initiatives at SEEM Nepal.

Mr. Ajay Adhikari Sushil

Mr. Ajay Adhikari Sushil is a highly skilled Instructor and dedicated Socialist at SEEM Nepal, with over 10 years of teaching experience and exceptional leadership skills demonstrated during his tenure as the Principal of Samata School, a remarkable institution with a nominal monthly fee of Rs. 100.

His contributions to numerous environmental and social awareness campaigns in schools, colleges, and communities throughout Nepal have been truly invaluable. His active involvement played a significant role in raising awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the society.

Mr. Subash BK

Subash BK is a dedicated instructor and trainer at SEEM Nepal, where he holds the role of program coordinator for Zero Polythene Campaign initiative. His contributions to various environmental and social awareness campaigns in schools, colleges, and communities across Nepal have been truly invaluable. His active involve is to create a positive impact on society by promoting sustainable practices and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment. He also plays a vital role in organizing and overseeing the successful execution of environmental and social issues.