July 24, 2024

Environmental Awareness Guinness World Record Break

Environmental Awareness Guinness World Record Break

It’s no more a secret that global warming is a real threat and that it has already started to affect us in more ways than one. With an aim to generate awareness among the public about the impacts of climate change, the organisation Sustainable Environmental and Ecosystem Management (SEEM) Nepal is organising a campaign, titled “MELANCHOLY”, where environmentalist Nipesh DHAKA has taken the initiative to bring together a total of 365 Nepali singers and musicians to croon to an environment-themed song. The song is also attempt to partake on The Guinness World Record of Most Vocal Solos in a Song Recording.
Melancholy is an activities of recording an environmental song which was recorded by 365 veteran Nepali artists who have devoted their life for music. TThe event was inaugurated by Prime Minister Rt. KP Sharma Oli. The song addresses the global issues of environmental problems, bio-diversity and climate change, by contemplating and raising the voice from Nepal’s point of view. The song blooms the possibility of environmental awareness through the slogan, “Raise Voice, Save Earth”. The campaign not only talks about the nature and the ecosystem, but raises the voice for equality, equity, dignity, culture and social impacts.Thus, the documentary “Melancholy” (2 Hours 15 minutes) is made around the recording activities and the objectives of the informative song. The song is written, composed and directed by campaigner Nipesh DHAKA.

The song takes us to 53 districts of Nepal, ranging from the highlands of Manang and Mugu to the lowlands of Dhanusha, and tells us how different the impacts of global warming are in the lives of people. The recording, which starts with the voice of poet Ghimire, was inaugurated by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. The recording started from 8 am and continued until 6 pm. The 365 artists were divided into 26 individual groups, such as Earth, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Soil and Life, Watershed Area, Human Rights, Forest Ecology, Education, Climate Change and so on.

“The goal of this song is to aware people about the value of natural resources and to prevent further damage to the ecology, tourism, and environment of our country and the world. The aim of the song is to focus on natural resource management with the theme: ‘Raise your voice for saving environment.



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