September 27, 2023
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Nepal, nestled in the magnificent Himalayas, boasts remarkable altitudinal, climatic, and topographic variations, resulting in a rich biodiversity. The country is blessed with diverse natural resources and a thriving cultural heritage. However, due to a lack of effective conservation measures and public awareness, Nepal has struggled to harness these abundant resources. Managing natural resources in the face of a growing human population has proven to be a challenge. To address these issues, the Sustainable Environmental and Ecosystem Management (SEEM) Nepal organization was established in 2014. Comprising experts, scholars, and social activists, the organization strives to bridge the gaps in environmental conservation efforts in Nepal. SEEM Nepal collaborates with hundreds of academic institutions and communities across all geographical regions of Nepal. Currently, their focus is on municipal waste management, promoting awareness, proper waste segregation, and engaging the masses through education, training, seminars, and group participation. The organization’s ultimate goal is to safeguard the soil and preserve the natural environment.


SEEM Nepal is actively engaged in implementing an environmental awareness program that targets individuals directly connected to environmental management issues, including farmers, students, stakeholders, and others. The organization recognizes the importance of working in close collaboration with relevant government partners in Nepal, as well as local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). Furthermore, SEEM Nepal is committed to addressing the vulnerabilities posed by climate change, such as the adverse impacts on soil, water, forests, and natural disasters. By focusing on these critical areas, the organization strives to enhance environmental consciousness and resilience among the population while fostering sustainable practices for a better future.


SEEM Nepal is actively engaged in conducting various research studies pertaining to the Himalayan biodiversity, flora and fauna, wetlands, watershed areas, as well as the cultural and social aspects of the ecological environment. The organization…...READ MORE


SEEM Nepal‘s implementation of projects in the field is centered around a philosophy of active involvement and collaboration with the people it serves. We firmly believe in the power of education and training to empower individuals and communities , and we……READ MORE


SEEM Nepal actively engages in fieldwork to bring about positive change. As an organization, we are committed to conducting research and obtaining valuable insights that will benefit future generations. Our work extends to every places of the nation……READ MORE


Welcome to SEEM Nepal


Public Awareness

SEEM Nepal is dedicated to raising public awareness and encouraging student and public participation in environmental issues through various events such as visualization sessions, documentary shows, seminars, training programs, and fieldwork activities. They would engage in discussions about soil conservation, waste management, climate change, Himalayan biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources.

Enhance Livelihood

We offers agricultural training programs aimed at promoting the cultivation of fresh and healthy food, reducing harmful exploitation, implementing waste segregation practices, controlling plastic waste and forest fires, preventing soil erosion, and fostering livelihood development. Join us in securing a sustainable future by participating in our training initiatives.

Community Participation

SEEM Nepal places a strong emphasis on community participation, fostering a comprehensive approach that includes indoor training, seminars, and educational programs, followed by engaging outdoor field activities like reforestation, working in agricultural lands and forests, and other innovative initiatives. Additionally, through our Zero Polythene Campaign, we actively collect plastic waste, contributing to the preservation of our environment.


Our activities range greatly from hands-on research and piloting of solutions, to policy implementation with governments, to mountain advocacy on the global stage. What unites everything we do, is a core focus around these fundamentally important defining objectives.


On May 19th, 2016, a momentous event took place at the studio of Radio Nepal, where a song with a profound environmental message was recorded. This campaign was meticulously……READ MORE

Global Warming & Climate Change 

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Zero Polythene Campaign

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MATO KO MAHAYAGYA (MA-MAYA) (Nepali; माटोको महायज्ञ) holds a profound significance as it embodies the intelligent use of soil and serves as…..READ MORE


SEEM Nepal is currently being implemented in awareness program through different campaign. The organization has focused to the people who are directly connected to the environment management issues such as farmers, students, stake holders and others.  The organization is expected to work in close collaboration with respective government partners of Nepal, NGOs and INGOs. Additionally, the orginization welling to work vulnerability to climate change impacts, including negative impacts on soil, water, forests and natural disasters.

Greenery Nepal

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Support for Deprived Children & Disaster Victims

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Polythene Waste Collection

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Solid Waste Management

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